Until the end of time


Unidentified Home (now razed) | Putnam County Florida | c. early 1900's

It is easy to see that this place was once a beautiful home for a family to be proud of. Surely, they must have passed many afternoons on the porch, shared many meals around the table, and sparked many fires to warm their space on cold nights.

Now, her grin is a little bit crooked and her face marked from decades of wear. Pieces are missing and years of disuse are evident. But if you can look past the exterior of this home, the true value lies within the walls. Within these walls, a lot of living would have happened in 100+ years.

The many people who took shelter here over the years are gone and although we may never know the stories she holds, this resilient structure stands to remind us of our past and perhaps to provide a glimpse into our future as well.

After attempts to find some to buy this home, it was offered for free to anyone who could move it. No one stepped up to buy the home and in 2016, it was demolished to make room for a Wal-Mart.