Broken but Beautiful

Gaines Home | bradford county florida | c. 1870s

If you take a moment to appreciate the nuanced details of this home, I think you'll find that a beautiful story unravels, hidden behind a seemingly sad facade.

Look past the sagging foundation and broken parts to find the craftsmanship in the woodwork of the clapboard paneling and the detail work of the chair. You might notice the addition of electrical outlets many years after this was built. And if you look at it long enough, it's easy to imagine a family gathered around this old yet familiar television set as they watched their favorite programs.

It's pretty incredible to consider the changes that happened in the outside world in the time that this building served as a home. Imagine how significantly this family's life changed with the addition of electricity and then later on when they were able to afford a TV. I wonder what the first show was that they saw on it? And what was the last?

But as much as the old place tried to keep up, the time came when this it had served its purpose. It's family moved along and this is what got left behind. When life forces change upon us, we can hold on to memories when we can't take our things with us.

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