A Real-Life Time Machine

Who hasn't dreamt of having a time machine?

Over the years I've been asked about what drives my interest in this project and I must admit, I haven't always been able to produce a clear answer.

Obviously, I love history and I truly enjoy photography. But plenty of folks like history and photography and still don't spend their extra hours (and dollars) rambling forgotten roads to find places other people forgot. 

But, I realized something the other day I was reminiscing about childhood wishes. Every Christmas, I would ask Santa for a time machine. As I grew older, I continued to ask my parents for one. I was obsessed with the Back to the Future Series and I think that in my childish mind, I really believed that one day, time travel would be possible.

Fast forward a decade or two and I have spent the majority of that time digging up old history. As an adult, I suppose I realized that time travel as I have envisioned it wasn't possible. Sad, yes. But I'm a persistent force unlikely to take no for an answer šŸ˜‰šŸ‘šŸ½

So in some way, I created my own time machine. 

āœ… I outfitted my car with proper tires for uncertain road conditions
āœ… I purchased a Garmin GPS
āœ… I created a form to gather and document relevant info about locations
āœ… I set up a tracking system online to track what I uncovered
āœ… I gathered a group of people online to share it all with

I'm so glad you've all decided to hop in this virtual time machine with me!