These Four Walls

William would build this house for his new wife, Annie, shortly after their marriage in 1903. He had been operating a Naval Mercantile store that had become quite successful and they would have this beautiful home to show for it. Sitting just along the railroad tracks that were so crucial to the family's success, they would call this place home until the 1920's.

After 20 years of marriage, Annie passed away in 1923, leaving William to raise their 3 children. But however difficult it must've been, he continued to grow the family business and by 1927, was serving on the Florida Legislature.

A few years later and William had married his second wife, Pencie. Naturally, they would need to build a new home for themselves and did so on the same property, set back further from the tracks. Shortly after, in-laws moved in to this house and reported for years that Annie would still appear in the home, usually somewhere near the fireplaces.

William and Pencie would have 4 children of their own, but sadly, all would not end well for this family. In 1938, William passed away tragically in his new home on this property and Pencie, at age 32, was left to raise the children by herself, the youngest being only 2 months old.

But she did what most people did back then and figured out a way to support herself and her children. She quickly took up teaching as a profession and continued as an educator for the Jackson County School Board for 35 years. She continued to live on this piece of land until her death in 2008 at the age of 102.

[Jackson County, FL c. early 1900's]


Wester Home

[Jackson County, FL c. 1880s]


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