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Unlisted Home | North florida | c. 1890s

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering what its like inside these forgotten homes, I will tell you that each one of them is different. Each one has a different feeling, a different set of clues left behind, and a different story to tell.

Many of them have been stripped of everything down to fixtures and cabinets while others sit full of so many things that you wonder if someone might be walking in the door at any moment.

This home held some of the more interesting artifacts I’ve seen thus far and this jacket is just one of them. Who’s was it and why did they leave it behind? Where did they buy it and how much did it cost? What did they keep in the pockets and what did they wear it to?

The more I look at this image, the more my imagination spins.

[North Florida- home c. 1890’s]

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