How you Can Support This Project


Let’s be honest, Facebook likes and Instagram followers (while wonderful and appreciated) don’t truly help me to move this project forward as much as I’d like. If I’m being honest, the quickest and most beneficial way (for both of us) that you can support this project is to Buy prints. This isn’t a Kickstarter where you may never get anything. You are supporting a one-woman show who is already doing this work on her own and could really use your help to keep it going! Plus, you get beautiful artwork and we get to bring more history to the world! It’s a win-win!

But I’m no dum-dum. I know most of you are thinking that art prints on a wall aren’t really your thing (or maybe spending your hard earned coin on them isn’t) and for you, I can offer lots of ways that you might consider supporting this preservation project without spending a nickel!


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  • Know of a place in your area that has a story to uncover? Submit it HERE or email me

  • Tell you friends (in real life or on online through shares, tags, comments, etc.)

  • Leave me a Facebook Review or Recommendation

  • If you aren’t interested in photographic prints but still want to sponsor the project (any amount helps!) please contact me at

Why you should consider supporting this project

While this is NOT a non-profit, you should know that your support of this project will go directly to preservation initiative led by a private citizen to help preserve our history- through photo documentation, historic research, and sharing it online for others to access for the future. You will truly be contributing to my efforts to expand the public record on historic buildings and documents previously kept in private collection.

If that’s not enough, you will be supporting a small business/artist/historian/preservationist who is doing this without grants, independent wealth, loans, trust funds, or lottery money.

While we can’t possibly raise the money in time to save all these quickly-disappearing structures, we can certainly get out there and photograph and document before we lose them forever. Isn’t that something you’d like to be a part of?

What your support goes to

  • 60% of each print sale goes directly back into this project for gas to travel to photograph sites and to local libraries + historic societies, increased bandwidth to share more digital media online, volunteer program to research and transcribe relevant history, acquiring relevant historic documents and books, etc.

  • If you purchase prints of an historic building that is under renovation, up to 50% of proceeds will be donated to the restoration efforts (these prints and promotions will be clearly marked)

  • GPS equipment + Emergency roadside services

  • Website maintenance

  • The time it takes to prepare the research and writing to create these posts

Know of a place whose story needs to be told?

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