Limited Edition Print Pack Bundle
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I created this First Edition Print Pack Bundle to offer up smaller format prints that are accessible to everyone.

For the price of Four 6x8 prints, you’re actually getting Eight prints because they’re double-sided!

Limited Edition Print Pack Bundle includes Four 6x8 card stock prints with BONUS IMAGE on reverse!

Bundle includes all 4 prints (plus bonus on reverse)

Additional Product Info:

  • These are printed on dual sided card stock- which means on 4 cards, you’ll actually be getting 8 different images!

  • Shipping + Handling is $5 to U.S. States

  • U.S. shipping zip codes only

  • Print Packs will ship out on December 17th, 2018

  • Once these 100 are gone, a different pack will be created so make sure to grab yours before they’re all gone!

  • No refunds on limited edition prints


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